Personal Loan Application


Important Information

DATA PROTECTION - using your information

Important information about you and us.

Bank of Ireland (UK) loans are provided by NIIB Group Limited. NIIB Group Limited trading as Northridge Finance is a member of the Bank of Ireland Group. In this statement, 'our group' means the Governor and Company of the Bank of Ireland and any of our subsidiary or associated companies. For a full list of our group, write to us at the address below. We may hold your information and it may be used by any other member of our group.

(a) Considering your application

To help us decide whether to enter into this and any future agreement with you, we may use: any information you have given us; information we already hold about you; information we receive from enquiries we make about you; and information we get from other dealings with us or our group.

We may make and keep copies of your passport, driving licence or other proof of your identity that you provide.

We may also search your record held by credit reference agencies or ask them to make enquiries for us. We may give credit reference agencies the information they need to make their enquiries. The credit reference agencies will keep a record of our search, whether or not your application goes ahead. This record will be available to other organisations that make similar searches and could affect your ability to get credit elsewhere.

Information the credit reference agencies hold about you may already be linked to records relating to other people. (This is called an 'association'.) You may be considered to be financially linked to these people and we may consider their credit records when considering your application. If you are providing information on behalf of others within your business, you are applying for credit with someone else, or you have told us about a financial link with another person, you must be sure that you are entitled to:

  • release information about that other person and anyone else you have referred to; and
  • authorise us to search, link or record information about you (and anyone you have referred to) at credit reference agencies.

Credit reference agencies will create a link between your credit records and those of any person you have said that you have a financial relationship with. When you or the people you have a financial relationship with apply for credit in the future, both your and their credit records will be taken into account. This process will continue until one of you tells the credit reference agencies that there is no longer a financial link. We may also use a credit-scoring system or other automated system for making a decision.

(b) Using and sharing your information

We will give credit reference agencies any information:

  • that we hold about you;
  • about your payment record;
  • about your agreement with us (including if you have broken it); and
  • about you not telling us about any change of address, if any payment is overdue.

It is important that you give us accurate information. We will check your details with fraud prevention agencies.

If you give us false or inaccurate information, and we identify fraud, we will keep a record of this and details will be passed to fraud prevention agencies. Law enforcement agencies may access and use this information. We will share information with other organisations, including our group or other lenders, to:

  • assess applications for credit and credit-related services (such as insurance) or other facilities made by you and members of your household;
  • managing credit and credit related accounts or facilities;
  • trace people who have debts and recover debts;
  • prevent fraud and money laundering;
  • make decisions about your account;
  • produce and analyse statistics and carry out market research;
  • help us identify products and services which may be of interest to you (unless you have asked us not to); and
  • consider dealings between our group and other businesses or lenders.
  • use for testing and validation purposes as part of future infrastructure and system enhancements (for example changes to our application and/or account management systems).

For these purposes, we or they may make further searches of your record at credit reference agencies.

Fraud-prevention agencies' records will also be shared with other organisations to help make decisions on motor, household, credit, life and other insurance applications and insurance claims made by you and members of your household and checking details of job applicants and employees.

Please contact us at 5th Floor, 1 Donegall Square South, Belfast, BT1 5LR if you want to receive details of the relevant fraud prevention agencies. We and other organisations may access and use, from other countries, the information recorded by fraud prevention agencies.

We may also give information about you and your dealings with us to:

  • anyone who has guaranteed to us that they will meet your liabilities if you can't;
  • your insurer;
  • anyone acting for you;
  • anyone who introduced you to us;
  • any finance house, motor trade, vehicle-recovery agent, lawyer or law enforcement agency;
  • companies or other organisations which keep registers of assets and interests in them;
  • credit-industry and fraud-prevention networks (to detect and prevent crime); or
  • any regulatory or government organisation (if we have to do so by law).

We may also use selected third parties to process your information and provide services on our behalf. Where we do this, we will ensure that adequate procedures and safeguards are put in place to protect your personal data at all times in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Please write to the address shown below if you would like details of credit reference agencies and others we get information about you from, or details of who we can give information about you to. By law, you have a right to see these details.

We may link information between any of your accounts and other products and services you have with our group. We will not use these links for marketing purposes without your permission. We may keep information about you after your account has closed to meet our legal obligations and business needs.

(c) Direct marketing

From time to time we may give you details of other products and services we or other organisations offer. We may also give information about you to:

  1. our group; and
  2. any other person or company we choose from time to time, so that they can use it for similar purposes.

We may contact you by post, phone (but not if you or the subscriber to the telephone line has registered with Telephone Preference Service), email, fax and in any other way. You can stop us from contacting you or giving your details to others for marketing purposes.

To do this write to

Customer Services Department,
Northridge Finance,
1 Donegall Square South

(This may mean that you will not receive information about extra benefits available to our customers.)

(d) Transferring your information abroad

From time to time we may transfer information about you to previously approved companies or people based outside the European Economic Area. We will only do so if the person or company agree to give your information the protection we would have to give it in the UK and to act on our instructions.

(e) Sensitive information

You may have given us information about your nationality or whether you have any disability. You do not have to give us this information if you do not want to. If you give us details of your nationality, we will use that information for research and statistical purposes only. If you give us details of any disability, we will only use it to provide any support you need.

(f) Your right to information

You have a legal right to receive a copy of the information we hold about you. To see this information, write to:

Customer Services Department
Northridge Finance,
1 Donegall Square South

You must pay a fee before we provide the information. We will tell you the current fee when you write to us.

To proceed with your application, please answer the following questions:

Are you resident in Northern Ireland?
Have you had a Bank of Ireland Current Account in Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland for the last 6 months
Are you over 18 years of age?
Can you confirm that you have met all your recent payments on your credit commitments (this includes mortgages, personal loans and hire purchase agreements)
Are you employed, self employed, retired (or receiving Disability Living Allowance because you are unable to work)?
Do you wish to re-structure your existing Bank of Ireland loan, clear your Bank of Ireland credit card or overdraft?

 Is this a joint application?    

(If more than two applicants, please call 0800 0850 444)

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